M-9 – English

We need to talk! Communication about animal testing

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Spring 2025
Virtually conducted course (with Zoom)

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M-9 – English

We need to talk! Communication about animal testing

Learning Objectives, Form, Scope, Content

Opinions are divided on the subject of animal experiments - it is usually a controversial and often very emotional topic. Researchers and animal caretakers are therefore often reluctant to get involved in the public discussion for fear of misunderstandings, condemnations and personal attacks - but it is their knowledge that would be in demand. This is the focus of LTK Module 9: The aim is to teach course participants how to communicate about their work in the animal laboratory or in animal husbandry, or how to present their daily research work in a way that is appropriate for the lay public. Forms of communication and discussion about animal research for different recipients will be analyzed and presented. Participants will be encouraged to communicate in a humane and recipient-oriented manner. This will benefit them in discussions in both private and public settings. This module is not a media training, but is based on the experiences of speakers who regularly take a public position on the issue of animal testing through their daily work.

Course language


Target group

All persons working with laboratory animals (experiment or laboratory animal husbandry: animal caretakers, experimenters, study directors, ressource managers, animal welfare officers, panimal facility managers); max. 16 persons. 


This course is recommended by the Association of Cantonal Veterinarians VSKT for recognition of one day of continuing education 

Course fees

Universities in Switzerland: CHF: 250.-
Industry, external person and institutions from abroad: CHF 380.-

Please note that we will charge you the full fees in case of a late cancellation of the course (within 3 weeks before start of the course) or in case of absence. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform the organizer of the course about the cancellation before the deadline of 3 weeks before the course to avoid the billing of the course. To charge for cancellations is common practice by other providers, too. The new proceedings for education courses became necessary due to an increasing extent of short term cancellations in training modules.