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Ethics – Legislation – 3R and Alternatives Methods

Exam on site in Zürich, prov. date 24-Sep-24
Thursday, 19 September 2024
Virtually conducted course (with Zoom)
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EGA – English

Ethics – Legislation – 3R and Alternatives Methods

Participants, Learning Objectives, Form, Scope and Content

This course is organized for experimenters who do not have to complete the entire basic education course (Module 1 or 20). This is applies mainly for:

- Veterinarians who will perform experimentation with animals they already know by their vet training (horse, dog, swine, ruminants, ...)
- Experimenters who gained already a similar education as Module 1 (or 20) abroad and need only to complete all or a selection of the following topics for full recognition as experimenter in Switzerland: ethics, animal welfare legislation, alternative methods / 3Rs

Please contact your Cantonal Veterinary Office in order to know whether you have to complete the entire module 1 (or 20) or only the module EGA in order to be officially recognized as experimenter in Switzerland.

This course will also be accepted as 1 day continuing education in case you completed your basic education before January 2008.

This course takes place once per month - alternating in German and English - if at least 10 participants are registered.

A written exam must be taken at the end of the course to validate the acquisition of knowledge. This examination is required by Swiss law.


This course is approved by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office  as official education in Switzerland for experimenters or as continuing education in Switzerland by the Federation of Swiss Cantonal Veterinary Officers (VSKT).

Course Fees

University Zürich and ETHZ: free of charge
Other Swiss Universities: CHF: 250.-
Industry, external person and institutions from abroad: CHF 380.-

Please Note

This course can only be registered as continuing education, if you participated in LTK module 1 before 01.01.2008.


Insurance is responsibility of each participant.