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Course Registration

Overview of All Upcoming Courses
Courses Open for Registration
EGA – English
Ethics – Legislation – 3R and Alternatives Methods
EGA – Deutsch
Ethik – Gesetzgebung – Alternativmethoden und 3R
M-1 – English
Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science
M-1 – Deutsch
Einführungskurs in die Labortierkunde
M-2 – English
Education for Persons Responsible for Directing Animal Experiments (study directors)
M-4 – English
Anesthesia and Analgesia
M-5 – English
Breeding management of gene-modified animals
M-5 – Deutsch
Zuchtmanagement von genveränderten Tieren
M-6 – English
Weighing of Interests - no obstacle for your experimental animal license application!
M-7 – English
Anatomy and Necropsy
M-8 – English
M-10 – Deutsch
Spezielle Applikations- und Blutentnahmetechniken bei der Maus
M-11 – English
How to Prepare the Score Sheet for my Experiment?
M-11 – Deutsch
Wie erstelle ich ein gutes «Score Sheet» für mein Experiment?
M-12 – English
Ecotoxsolutions - continuing education with fish
M-12 – Deutsch
Ecotoxsolutions - Weiterbildung mit Fish
M-13 – English
Basics Statistics for Animal Experimentation
M-14 – English
Current Topics of Laboratory Animal Science
M-20 – English
Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science: Non Rodent Species
M-21 – English
Pain Recognition in Laboratory Rodents - do you see what you could (should) see?
M-21 – Deutsch
Schmerzempfinden bei Labortieren - Sehen Sie, was Sie sehen könnten?
M-22 – English
Reproducibility in Animal Research - important concepts